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Recruitment - Editorial

Are you interested in working as an illustrator, designer or writer for Panini UK? If so, the best thing to do is send us some of your own work which will blow our socks off. Here are some guidelines for you to bear in mind before you head to the post office with your masterpiece:

Panini specialize in creating comics which are based on licensed characters - so it's very important if you send in your submissions that your work is relevant to our portfolio of titles. If you want to work on a particular title - send samples demonstrating your ability with those characters or properties.

Due to the overwhelming volume of submissions that we receive, we are unable to reply to everyone. However, if we feel a contributors work is suitable then we will contact them. If no reply is given then we may have no vacancies, be too busy to reply or your work may not suitable for our needs.


Wannabe illustrators should send only the best of their work - not everything. Before sending work, compare your illustrations to an actual comic page. If it is not as good, or better, don't send it yet. But do keep practicing, especially if you love what you do! Illustrators hoping to break into comics need to be at least as good or better than the creators who are currently having their work published.

Sending digital content is ideal. If you want to send hard copies, please DO NOT send original artwork. It is not possible for Panini to return it.


Please also send sample scripts which are relevant to our portfolio. Marvel Collectors' Editions use material reprinted from US comics, so please make sure you don't send material intended for those titles.

Send your application to the addresses below.
Postal Address:
Send all digital artwork, CVs, applications or scripts to:
Creative Submissions FAO The Managing Editor,
Panini UK Ltd,
Panini House Coach & Horses Passage,
The Pantiles,
Tunbridge Wells,

Those Guidelines Once More:

• No samples which are sent to us will be returned. Please only send copies.
• Send relevant samples (characters and licences we already publish).
• Due to pressures of time we regret that we cannot offer comments, criticism or feedback.
• Please refrain from sending very large files, it speaks well of your abilities if you can provide material which is compressed efficiently.
• Please do not send us several creative submissions or send them repeatedly. One email with the best of your work should be enough.
• Send emails titled: "FAO Personnel" for job applications, "Artistic/Script Submission" (as applicable) for creative positions.


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