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Doctor Who Adventures Special

On sale 9th Jan for 12 weeks.

Doctor Who Adventures Special

The Doctor Who Adventures Special is on sale now. A completely fresh-look Special, this awesome issue is aimed at 7-11-year-olds – not just long-standing fans, but also those new to the cult series.

Embracing the bold and brilliant new Doctor, this issue captures her vibrant character, always iconic, always evolving for a new generation. The 36-page special magazine includes quizzes, puzzles, posters and a pull-out calendar wall chart, giving you a fun new way to interact with the Thirteenth regeneration of the Time Lord, and her three new friends…Team TARDIS. Over 100 fantastic colourful stickers are included, along with 4 limited edition collectable postcards. Is 13 your lucky number?

Price: £3.99
Covermounted Gift: Free sticker sheet and 4 exclusive postcards.
On sale: Thursday 9th Jan – 2nd April 2019

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