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Astonishing Spider-Man vol.7 #3

76 pages packed with arachnid-action! Only £3.99!

Astonishing Spider-Man vol.7 #3

Peter Parker may have hit rock-bottom, but now he’s on the up with a new job, a new girlfriend and new problems for Spidey!

Plus, Venom battles Scorpion! And Spider-Man confronts the sinister symbiote and quickly discovers that it ain’t his ol’ pal Flash Thompson in the driving seat!

By Dan Slott, Stuart Immonen, Mike Costa, Gerrardo Sandoval, Juanan Ramírez, and Iban Coello.

Includes material reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man #791 and Venom #4-6

Issue Number: 3
Price: £3.99
On sale: Thursday 7th June 2018

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