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Astonishing Spider-Man vol.7 #1

100-page special packed with arachnid-adventure! Only £3.99!

Astonishing Spider-Man vol.7 #1

Parker is down on his luck and the most hated man in New York! But Pete’s troubles are only just beginning!

Also: Venom is back! And badder than ever!

Plus: We jump eight years into the future with the web-slinging and wall-crawling Spider-Man family!

By Dan Slott, Stuart Immonen, Mike Costa, Gerrardo Sandoval, Jody Houser and Nick Roche.

Includes material reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man #789, Venom #1 and Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #13-15.

Issue Number: 1
Price: £3.99
On sale: Thursday 10th May 2018

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