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Essential X-Men vol.4 #19

76 pages of Mutant Mayhem! Three uncanny adventures!

Essential X-Men vol.4 #19

An Inhumans vs X-Men chapter! Iceman is torn between love and duty as the X-Men attack the Inhuman city New Attilan! By Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley!

Forge discovers his future from Old Man Logan! By Jeff Lemire and Victor Ibanez!

Sabretooth fights for Monet’s soul in the deadly realm of Limbo! By Cullen Bunn and Ken Lashley!

Featuring material first printed in Extraordinary X-Men #18, Inhumans vs X-Men #3, All-New X-Men #17 and Uncanny X-Men #17.

Issue Number: 19
Price: £3.99
On sale: Thursday 11th January 2018

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