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Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #47

Referencing the Doctor

Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #47

The latest Special Edition of Doctor Who Magazine is devoted to the many non-fiction books based on the series.

This comprehensive guide traces the history of the series’ reference works, from the very first episode guides compiled by Doctor Who story editors for their colleagues in the 1960s, to the fanzines of the 1970s, the first authorised books based on the series and the plethora of books available today.

Exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes features and numerous rare photographs tell the whole story, from the black-and-white days of Doctor Who to the 2017 series starring Peter Capaldi.

This special issue of the bestselling Doctor Who Magazine is on sale 10 August.

Issue Number: 47
Price: £5.99 (UK), $11.99 (US).
On sale: Thursday 10 August 2017

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