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Astonishing Spider-Man vol.6 #24

100 page special packed with astounding arachnid-action! Only £3.99!

Astonishing Spider-Man vol.6 #24

A Civil War II chapter! Spider-Man battles the Quintronic Man! And is Ulyesses’ vision about Clayton Cole coming true?!!

Plus: A Clone Conspiracy chapter! Silk and Spectro investigate New U! What shocking secrets will they uncover?!!

Also: Spidey vs. Itzpapalotl! (No, that’s its name. Honest.)

Cloak and Dagger at the Parker Industries office in Shanghai!

Spidey goes to school to learn to be funny!

And if that weren’t enough, classic adventure! Who is Spidey’s mystery foe?!!

By Christos Gage, Travel Foreman, Robbie Thompson, Irene Strychalski, Christos Gage, Humberto Ramos, Francisco Herrera, James Asmus, Cory Smith, Wayne Brady, Jonathan Magnum, Bruno Oliveira, Len Wien and Ross Andru.

Includes material reprinted from Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #2, Silk #14, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #151.

Issue Number: 24
Price: £3.99
On sale: 6th July 2017.

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