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Mighty World of Marvel #33

76 pages of Marvel Universe adventure!

Mighty World of Marvel #33 Cover


The ‘Shadowland’ saga continues! The Ghost Rider takes the battle against the Hand to Japan – at the command of the Kingpin! Meanwhile, Elektra fights to stop Daredevil from making the worst mistake of his life: resurrecting Bullseye!

Also: Amadeus Cho is the new Prince of Power – but the mighty Thor ain’t impressed! Don’t miss a clash of the titans!

By Andy Diggle, Billy Tan, Rob Williams, Clayton Crain, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Reilly Brown!

Includes material reprinted from Shadowland: Ghost Rider #1, Shadowland #4 and Prince of Power #2.

Issue Number:33
Price: £2.95
On sale: Thurs 15th March 2012

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