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Marvel Legends #69

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Marvel Legends #69 Cover

An incredible new Thor saga begins! In the wake of SIEGE, Asgard must take its proper place as the Golden Realm, most glorious of the nine worlds of myth. But that means Thor's home isn't just a's a target! And what happens to the Asgardians and the denizens of all nine worlds – including Earth! – when a dark, destructive force from another reality comes on the warpath!

Also, Two Americas continues! As two Captain Americas clash in the heartland, the Falcon fights to stop a terrorist attack on American soil by the new Watchdogs!

Plus, Resilient continues! Tony Stark is back and is determined to rebuild his corporate empire… from scratch! However, the Justine Hammer, and her daughter Sasha, are determined to finish what her father Justin Hammer could never do… destroy Iron Man!

Story and art by Ed Brubaker, Sean McKeever, Gerald Parel, Luke Ross, Kieron Gillen, Richard Elson, Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry!

Includes material reprinted from Captain America #604, Thor VOL.1 #615 and Invincible Iron Man Vol. 5#25! 76 pages!

Issue Number: 69
Price: £2.95
On sale: 8th March 2012

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