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Mizz #695

In This Issue...

Mizz #695 Cover
  • Pixie Lott exclusive! On her guilty pleasures, and what’s under her bed!
  • Battle of the Boy Bands – One Direction vs The Wanted
  • Lads – decode his texts to find out how he REALLY feels. Plus, how to train your boyfriend!
  • How to say no and mean it!
  • Celebs – they said WHAT?!
  • Real Life – “My parents tried to force me to marry”
  • Fashion and Beauty – all the hottest new trends


  • An iPad – cool comp to celebrate Maria Snyder’s new book Touch Of Power
  • Topshop shopping vouchers
  • Plus loads more Free For All goodies!

Issue number: 695
Price: £2.99
Covermount: Mirror and Lip Shine
On Sale: Thursday Jan 12th 2012

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