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How do I create a subscription online?
Click here to see the list of titles we offer subscriptions to. Simply follow the links to create a subscription online.

How can I subscribe without doing it online?
Contact information for our subscriptions house is at the bottom of the subscriptions page

Can I buy a subscription for someone else?
Yes, we are very happy to arrange donor subscriptions. You can do this online or by conventional methods.

Where can I buy books and graphic novels?
Independent comic stores, high street bookshops and major online retailers all stock Panini Books and Graphic Novels. Panini Graphic Novels are Distributed by Turnaround
(website: Unit 3 Olympia Trading Estate, Coburg Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6TZ - Tel: 020 8829 3000 - Fax: 020 8881 5088 - Email:

I would like to buy a Panini comic or magazine in the shops, which shops sell them?
Most newsagents and supermarkets stock Panini titles. If you decide you would like to buy a comic regularly, your local newsagent should be happy to order you a copy, just ask them.

I don't live in the UK or Eire, can I still subscribe to a comic?
Panini UK are licensed to sell some of our titles internationally and some in the UK and Eire only. Find out if the title you want to subscribe to is available overseas by clicking on the link on the subscriptions page. If you really want to subscribe to a comic which we are not permitted to sell abroad, you could try searching for independent comic shops or subscription services on the Internet. Some of these may deliver overseas.

I missed an issue or want to catch up with a series, can I buy back-issues of comics?
Sorry, we no longer offer back issues. Please check the second-hand market at specialist stores and on sites such as eBay and Gumtree.

You sell Marvel and Disney Comics. Are you Marvel or Disney UK?
No, we're not. We're the UK licensee for these brands, which means we can sell official Marvel and Disney originated properties.

Do you sell re-prints of US Marvel stories or are they UK originals?
The Marvel Collectors' Edition titles and most of our graphic novels are reprints of new and classic US stories. We carefully select the stories for each issue, we print them on higher quality paper in the UK and there are fewer adverts, so they're not just reprints. We even go to the effort of digitally re-creating some of the older, more weary looking strips, so that they'll look better than ever. The other Panini titles which feature Marvel characters are often originated in the UK by home-grown talent!

I've got a great idea for a new character, can I pitch it to you?
Panini UK specialise in only established characters, brands and properties. You'll need to speak to a publisher which specialises in promoting new brands.

I own a comic or book store and we stock your titles. Can you add us to your website?
We'd love to! Please send your full contact details to us using the form on the contacts page.

I've seen a job advertised or want to send you my portfolio. How do I apply to work for Panini UK?
Visit the creative or editorial jobs guidelines page or the non-editorial recruitment page.

I've got a question you haven't answered here...
Please visit our contacts page and send us your query.


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