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Astonishing Spider-Man

Astonishing Spider-Man

Volume 5

Last update: 01/01/2010

Astonishing Spider-Man
Spider-Man is Marvel’s most popular character. An iconic superhero who is recognised across the globe and whose exploits have conquered TV, cartoons, blockbuster movies and, most obviously, for over forty years in comics! Panini have been publishing Astonishing Spider-Man for more than 20 years and continue to bring the very best in Spidey action to an avid readership. Every 76-page issue is packed with exciting comic strips exploring the ongoing adventures of the Wall-crawler as well as ‘classic’ tales from Spidey’s early years.

Astonishing Spider-Man is published in the original sub-A4 American format. It reprints selected stories from the US strips, always following the most recent storylines whilst reprinting classic tales as back-up strips. It is presented on higher quality paper than the US comics and features much fewer adverts than its US counterpart, arguably making it even more collectible!

Our original Astonishing Spider-Man title was re-launched after 150 issues as Astonishing Spider-Man vol.2. Now on volume 5, the title is published every two weeks.

About Spider-Man
Shy high school student Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, with an amazing result: his body duplicated the abilities of the creature. He found he could cling to walls, his strength was greatly enhanced and he possessed a "spider-sense" that warned him of danger. But he chose to use his powers for personal profit - an attitude which resulted in the death of his beloved Uncle Ben. Peter Parker then realised that great power brings with it great responsibility.

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SCHEDULE: Every Two Weeks

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FORMAT: 76 page, full colour 'Collectors Edition'
READERSHIP: Ages 12-adult
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