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Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine

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Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine

Last update: 15/02/2017

Welcome to the biggest-selling superhero magazine in the UK! At a scientific demonstration about radiation, high-school student Peter Parker is accidentally bitten by an irradiated spider, which bestows upon him the arachnid’s incredible abilities.

When a burglar kills his beloved Uncle Ben, the grief-stricken Peter learns a valuable lesson: that with great power there also comes great responsibility. He vows to use his new found powers to help his fellow man and becomes the Amazing Spider-Man... For over 40 years, Spider-Man has captured kids’ imaginations within his web of action and adventure. With multiple record-breaking movies under his belt, along with a host of successful animated TV series, games and toys, no one can deny that the webbed-wonder has become the world’s number one Super Hero.

Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine is a re-branding of Spider-Man Magazine and was winner of the Eagle Awards Best British Comic in its previous guise of Spectacular Spider-Man. With a focus on high quality original comic strip stories, packed with facts, puzzles, posters and competitions, the formula has been honed to perfection for fans aged 6-12. Each issue comes with a Marvel-branded free gift

Title Info:  
FREQUENCY: Every 3 weeks
FEATURES: Fact files, Covermounted Gifts, Competitions
LETTERS PAGE: Write to the editor

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Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine

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